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What can I expect after sending an initial inquiry through the contact page?

You’re initial inquiry is a quick introduction giving me a little info about your wedding day and your needs.  I’ll email you back promptly and let you know if I have your day available to play at your wedding/event. I’ll answer any specific questions you might have and If you’d like to move forward, I’ll send you a link to an online form so I can get all the info I need to give you a quote.


How exactly do I book John Ciambriello to play at my event?

  1. First send me an inquiry by sending me a message using my contact page.

  2. I’ll get back to you with a link to an online form that you’ll need to fill out so I can have enough information to know exactly what you’re looking for me to do. I’ll then send you a quote.

  3. Once you respond to my email in which I’ve given you the quote saying you’d like to move forward, I’ll draft a performance agreement and send it to you in an email which will have to be printed and signed.

  4. You would then send the signed performance agreement to me along with a 50% deposit using via check.

  5. Once I receive the signed performance agreement and deposit, your date is officially booked


Is John Ciambriello insured?

Yes! I carry liability insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency Performers of the U.S.  My certificate of liability insurance can be sent to you or the venue where your wedding day activities are being held.


Can I request certain songs from John’s set list? What if my favorite song is not on his list?

You can request any song that you like from my set list and arrange with me when you would like those songs played (e.g. bride’s walk down the aisle, bridesmaid’s walk down the aisle, first dance, etc.) If the song you want is not on my set list, I’m happy to learn as many songs as you would like to make your wedding day as perfect as it can get. I charge $100/song to cover the time it will take to learn and perfect the song.


What happens if my wedding starts late? Is there any extra charge?

I will play instrumental guitar until the wedding starts. There is no extra charge… things happen. One time, the bride was 1 hour late and I just entertained the guests with music until she arrived.  It was a great time!

How much does it cost to book John for my wedding ceremony or a cocktail hour?

Please refer to the PRICING page for a full explanation of prices.


How far will John travel to play at a wedding?

I’m based near New Haven, CT.  Though the site is “Connecticut Wedding Singer”, I’m a traveler at heart and will consider traveling to any destination, with the understanding that any location further than 1 hour from New Haven, CT will add a travel fee which would be included in the quote I give you.  Weddings further than 2 hours by driving may incur other fees.  In such cases, new factors would then need to be considered like overnight accommodations, and realistic travel needs like a train or flight and possible rental car.

Will an acoustic guitarist and singer be suitable for a wedding ceremony and cocktail hour?

An acoustic wedding singer and guitarist is a very suitable fit for almost all wedding ceremonies. It sets an appropriate mood and provides an authentic feel versus playing a song from your iPod or CD player.  A live musician allows for ultimate flexibility which is usually a very important necessity for live formal events such as weddings. An acoustic wedding singer and guitarist can also be a good fit for cocktail hours directly after the ceremony. Many times receptions will feature an acoustic singer and guitarist to begin the night during cocktail hour and maybe during diner time too, with a DJ later in the night for upbeat dance music. I have two sound systems.  When playing a ceremony and a cocktail hour, I usually set up a system in each location to make for a quick transition.


What information will I need to provide John prior to the wedding ceremony or reception?

All wedding info is worked out before the wedding day and I’ll have a full understanding of what is needed of me.  As things change in the moment, I’m flexible and any new information of a change can be relayed to me via phone/text/email.


How much setup time is needed before a wedding?

I normally like to have at least an hour and a half set up time for ceremonies, to ensure I can do a complete sound check prior to guests arriving. For ceremonies, I will need to coordinate with you yourself, wedding planner or other designated person as to where you would like me positioned in relation to the guests, the bride and groom and the officiant. An AC power socket will also need to be provided within 25 feet of where I will be playing. For wedding receptions, I will also arrive one and a half hours prior to the performance time to set up and sound check.


What sound equipment does John provide?

I have a 1st class sound system which is perfect for 99% of all ceremony and cocktail hour needs whether they’re located inside or outside.  I have two large PA system that can be joined to accommodate very large weddings.  I usually use my two systems separately to accommodate a ceremony location and a cocktail hour location which is usually in different locations at a venue… sometimes they are located at two separate venues.

What about deposits and cancellations?

A deposit of 50% and a signed performance agreement is required to secure your booking.  I reserve the right to book another wedding on the day you’ve chosen until I’ve received your deposit and signed performance agreement, at which point, I block that day fully out for you. Deposits can be paid by check in the mail or by cash in person. This deposit is non-refundable as I would have blocked off the date in my calendar preventing me from booking something else on that day. More on payments and such on the PRICING page.

How long are your sets and breaks? Can I request special set times and breaks to suit my needs?

I’m always happy to modify “set” and “break” times to suit your needs. I will work with you to organize the best set and break times so that the cocktail hour flows just as you would like it too. I never take a break during a one hour cocktail hour.  If the cocktail hour is longer than an hour, I require a 10 min. break at the one hour mark before finishing the second amount of time.  This would happen in each 1 hour interval.


How long before you play will you be arriving?

I will arrive one and a half hours prior to the performance time to set up and sound check.  If you booked both ceremony and cocktail hour performances that are at different venues, I would leave directly after the ceremony and get to the reception area before your guests arrive.  I have two sound systems and I would most likely set one up at each location if need be to make for a quick transition from ceremony to cocktail hour.


What happens while you’re taking your breaks.  Won’t it create and awkward moment with no music?

Set and break times may be modified to suit your needs upon request and I can provide playlist music (usually instrumental guitar) during the break times. If you wish to select a playlist, you may do so by simply telling me the songs you’d like played and I’ll have them downloaded for the wedding day.  There will be a seamless transition from live music to recorded playlist music.


Can I see John Ciambriello perform live before booking him?

Yes, if you are interested in seeing me perform live prior to booking me, head over to my singer-songwriter website where you can see a list of my upcoming gigs.


Do I need to provide John with food at the reception?

Like your other vendors, I would love to eat =)  A vegetarian meal would be most appreciated!!! Usually, this is worked out with the venue that is hosting your reception as they normally provide a small table for your hired specialists like your photographer/videographer/musicians/DJ’s/Etc.  I would first play and pack up before I eat.  It’s usually when dinner is being served to your guests.  After dinner, I would leave the reception. Note:You will not have to provide food if I’m being hired solely for the ceremony, in which case, after my services at the ceremony, are concluded and the guests have parted, I would pack up and leave.


Does John perform at events other than weddings?

Yes I do.  I perform at a wide range of events such as charity/fundraisers, church events, funerals, dedications, nursing homes, private parties, house concerts, coffeehouses, open mics, singing telegrams and a few more types of events.  To inquire about your specific event and pricing, please go to the contact page and send me a message including the details of your event and what you’d like for me to do.


What if my question wasn’t answered here?

Send me your question(s) from the CONTACT page.

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